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. c p s says it's working to ensure a proper environment for students to take the test. according to some parents, but district made calls to stress the test is required by state and federal law. >> i am against it. i sent my daughter out of it because i am aware is not counting toward promotion or anything. >> the state board of education says the test provide a valuable data on how districts are ferrying in meeting higher benchmarks. this morning the test is supposed to be administered to all students grades 3-8 regardless of whether they are opting out. back to you. >> suspended. getting a second chance. cbs took away their city championship and their 24 victories because they used players that were academically ineligible. the head coach was suspended. now the illinois high school association says the school can still be in the state tournament. there will keep their top seed but they still won't have two of their best players or coaches. parents of players at other schools have mixed reactions. >> i think they should have a chance especially if there were number one the work
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Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2